About FixWMATA

DISCLAIMER: Chris Barnes (FixWMATA) is in no way associated with the Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) and does not represent the Authority. FixWMATA is an independent blog/podcast/watchdog who wants only to see the Authority thrive and better serve the citizens of DC, Maryland, and Virginia.
Chris Barnes
Chris Barnes

Who is FixWMATA?

FixWMATA is a Washington Metropolitan Area Transit Authority (WMATA) watchdog effort started in 2010 by Chris Barnes. Through the years this effort has been on-again-off-again as Chris moved away from Washington, DC a few times. Chris has also attempted to form 2 WMATA rider unions since 2010: MetroTAG and WMATARU. Chris has served as a WMATA Riders’ Advisory Council member and has appeared many times on local media for WMATA issues. FixWMATA was the original tracker of HotCars – an effort still being undertaken today! Chris’ home station is Silver Spring where he lives with his husband and 2 dogs.

How do I contact FixWMATA?

Twitter: @FixWMATA

Email: fixwmata@icloud.com

Leave a Voicemail: 202-709-6282


How much are you making off this?

Short answer: -$0.

Longer answer: I make nothing off this, in fact I pay to do this so I lose money each month. You’ll find no ads on my website or podcast and the people or products that appear here have not paid for promotion. I do this because I feel it needs to be done – not for profit.

Further, here is a breakdown of my monthly expenses (minus some expenses like audio equipment I didn’t have when I started this):

November 2017
Web Hosting (virtual server): $20
Podcast Hosting (Blubrry): $20
Business Cards, card holder, logo’d notebook (VistaPrint): $54
December 2017
Web Hosting (virtual server): $20
Podcast Hosting (Blubrry): $20

Where is all the Washington Post stuff?

The Washington Post doesn’t exist to me. They moved to a paywall model and I don’t feel comfortable pushing people towards a resource that requires money. Besides, when it comes to WMATA coverage there are plenty of other news sources in DC that can provide the same coverage.